My response to “Did Jesus Die for Everyone?” by Erik Raymond

Some quotes from my morning article: “There is no way to improve upon the work of Christ—it is infinite and perfect.” (Except it relies on born-sinful humans (Calvinist persp.) to inform others.) “To be clear, when Calvinists speak of limited atonement, we are not speaking in terms of its value but rather the extent of it.” (Which is limited to sinful man’s (again, Calvinist persp.) ability to translate a modern accepted format of scripture and explain it in evangelical terms to everyone.)

This is a good article, but lots of holes.

Here’s another quote from the article: “B. B. Warfield says, “The things we have to choose between are an atonement of high value or an atonement of wide extension. The two cannot go together.” Atonement for everyone would be considered of higher value than limited atonement. That’s at least up for discussion. It’s simple economics: If I gave a dollar to everyone, it would have a much higher value in all than if I gave a dollar to the at most 25% of evangelical humans on earth. Approximately 4x more value. Jesus is not a LeBron James rookie card.

Kosmos – the universe, creation (gr) John 3:16 — If we were to literalize every selective salvation verse, we would know that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Camels cannot go through needles so biblically speaking, no one who accumulates wealth goes to heaven, say 10% of born again Christians, the alternative which is eternal damnation and separation from God, including infinite torment.) Infinite torment seems like a solid choice from a “just God” in return for being unaware of a few facts.

Jesus did die for everyone. There’s more biblical proof for than against.

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