My First Week at my New Job

I’m proud to have started a new job a week ago Thursday. The new bank had an excellent one-day orientation that included a tour of the massive campus and handing out laptops, testing logins and assigning monitors and work stations. This is nice, as I’ve worked places where new employees don’t have an orientation and sometimes wait weeks for new computers. 

They assigned me an HP laptop, but my boss has already begun the Apple MacBook ordering process, a sign to me that they’re committed to making sure we have lots of tools for testing and production. 

My setup now is the laptop in a dock on the right and a nice-sized monitor on the left. The bank also issued a new mouse and keyboard so I only have to use the laptop as a monitor when it’s docked. 

The cafeteria is very nice and there is also a self-pay convenience store a little closer in my building. So far, I’ve had an Indian Tiki Masala Chicken dish and a gourmet Italian sub. The eating area looks out onto a beautiful lake with fountains and waterfalls and a nice-sized walking trail folks are allowed to enjoy from 11am to 2pm. 

I did get trapped outside this week when I went to the lake around 4pm for a stroll. I was locked out and an executive saw me trying to get back in and walked me around to the side of the building where the doors are open. I should have known when there was no one out there. 

I spend a lot of lunch time wandering through the complex and parking garage and driving around the area, my favorite destination, McDonalds. 

I have an operations supervisor in Dallas and development boss in Charlotte, as well as coordinate with the design supervisor in Charlotte, so I spent much of last week meeting with influencers and stakeholders on my project. 

My main project is coding the design appearance into an app the bank uses for business-to-business banking. 

I also have Lynda access to some cool online classes I’ve taken and attended an amazing web accessibility conference yesterday. 

Things are great so far!

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