Charlie and Johanna Music

“Not as close” Lyrics

What makes the difference now is I can feel it comin’ ‘round this time.

She puts her hands on her hips and she moves her lips to a sigh.

What makes it okay now is I can feel it come from miles away.

And if I make it somehow, I’ll find it in myself to stay.

But she’s not as close to Jesus as she is to me.

And she often overlooks it regrettably.

She hasn’t been on her knees in days.

And all she talks to You about anymore is her mistakes.

I made a difference today and I didn’t even see it to know.

My friend remembered something I said three or four years ago.

If I was only profound, as capable as back when I knew it all.

I’d know you’re safe and sound against the fox and hound of this wall.

Just right now, if I can’t love you more than me.

Know me. Show me. Take me. Make me forget about me.

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