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My response: “Lorem Ipsum Fails: Why Real Graphic Designers and Advertisers Use Real Content by Paul Barth”

I feel like real content is the fastest way to get your layout, headlines, fonts, possibly images, red-lined and marked up with unnecessary comments about the content that are irrelevant to the mission critical task of making visual decisions. This article is nice, but misguided. Lorem ipsum requires one conversation with the client about its purpose, not a hundred conversations like, “Oh, we’ve moved this to the Dallas market,” or “Oops, he doesn’t work here anymore.,” or “I think we’re going to nix the British spelling of colour for this piece.” All of the comments may be for another party or stage of production and ultimately influence stakeholder decision to choose the wrong layout based on too much content editing in the mocks.

An otherwise five-minute meeting can easily become a pet-peeve soapbox about dated copy, and when you’re just trying to get a template approved, this is counter productive.

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