Top Independent or Local Albums

These are my favorite independent/local/self-funded albums I can think of today. While I was making the list, I realized that independent and indie are not the same thing. Also, Radiohead’s self-released material doesn’t count. Here they are in random order:

  1. Triple Lutz – Vampire Screenplay* (Dallas, TX)
  2. Centro-matic – Love You Just The Same (Denton, TX)
  3. Pedro The Lion – The Only Reason I Feel Secure (Is Because I Am Validated By My Friends)
  4. David Gray – White Ladder (Self-Funded)
  5. Caedmon’s Call – My Calm, Your Storm (Houston, TX)
  6. galleryCat – Bi-Polaroid* (Dallas, TX)
  7. ENIAC – All That’s Left of Us (Denton, TX)
  8. Spilling Poetry – Invisible (Lubbock, TX)
  9. Mexico – If You Wanted to Go* (Dallas, TX)
  10. Flat People – Flat People* (Dallas, TX)
  11. The Promise Ring – Wood Water (Jade Tree)
  12. Gone Since Five – This Is How You Felt* (Lubbock, TX)
  13. Pedro The Lion – It’s Hard to Find a Friend (Seattle, WA)
  14. Astronautalis – This is Our Science (Fake Four)
  15. Primitive Radio Gods – Rocket (Self-Funded)
  16. Centro-matic – Navigational
  17. Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle (IndieGoGo, Murpheesboro, TN)
  18. Spilling Poetry – Microphonic
  19. The Wishlist – Life’s Design of Mind* (Dallas, TX)
  20. Three Car Garage – ThRe3 CaR GaRagE* (Luboock, TX)
  21. Centro-matic – Fort Recovery
  22. Sorta – Strange and Sad but True (Dallas, TX)
  23. TW Walsh – Blue Laws (Boston, Seattle)

* I played on these records.